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Due by June 1, 2023


Outstanding Area Director Award


O.A.D. stands for Outstanding Area Director. The O.A.D. The program was designed in order to increase motivation amongst directors to accomplish their duties as an NYCHA Area Director. Year after year the requirements of the NYCHA Director are taken lightly, and out of 50 area directors, only a few fulfill their duties. Since the program is designed to increase motivation at the area director level, NYCHA Senior Officers and Senior Regional Directors are ineligible.
An O.A.D. Program Checklist is online for all NYCHA Area Directors. For points to be considered, it is the responsibility of the area director to email the O.A.D. Program Checklist for the prior year term of service June 1st – May 31st. The program checklist should be emailed to the NCHA Director of Youth no later than June 1st. Award recipients will be recognized at the NYCHA Awards banquet in July of that year.


Once an Area Director has fulfilled all of their regular director duties, they can go about earning points towards the O.A.D. Program Award. It is up to each area director to keep up with any additional points collected for such things as recruiting members, collecting stallion services for the NYCHA Stallion Service Program, selling raffle tickets, attending NYCHA meetings, and submitting articles to the Chatter Magazine or NYCHA Newsletter to the NYCHA Youth Department.

The O.A.D. point system is as follows:

  • Each Stallion Donation Obtained – 10 points
  • Each Raffle Ticket Sold – 10 points
  • Each New Youth Member Recruited – 10 points
  • Each NYCHA Meeting Attended – 10 points
  • Each Article Submitted to Chatter – 10 points