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Horse Hall of Fame

To give the cutting horses heavily involved within the NYCHA a greater recognition

2023 NYCHA Horse Hall of Fame


Is a 10-year-old gelding owned by Faith Farris. Phil has won almost 98K and 403 youth points. He has won numerous titles including a NYCHA World Championship and a Reserve Championship too. One of his accomplishments that another horse has not achieved is that in 2021 Phil and Faith were the NYCHA World Champions, AQHYA World Champions, TXHSR State Champions, and the NHSRA National Champions.


Was a 1992 gelding owned by Mica Chartier. Cookie won 336K and 223 youth points. He proved to be special at his very first show…. The 1995 NCHA Futurity where he was the Open Reserve Champion and 5th in the Non-Pro too. He had an extensive aged event career with 5 major championships and was a finalist over 30 times. In the youth, he was a Scholarship Finalist 3 times, a World Finalist 4 times, and a World Finals Show Champion. Mica marked a 227 on him and that is still to this day her personal highest score.


Is an 11 year old gelding. He is owned by the Crown Ranch. Milhouse has won over 294K and 337 youth points. His list of accomplishments is long. He is a World Champion, Scholarship Cutting Champion, and a World Finals Show Champion.


Was a 1989 gelding owned by Daniel Keene. Bo Diddley won 56K and 437 youth points. He was known as a true Weekend Warrior and carried Kelle Earnheart to several championships and finals all across the United States including her 1st NYCHA World Championship. No Diddley kept his winning ways with his next youth rider Kolby Moore. Kolby even shared the great gelding with his younger brother Colt when Colt was struggling to win his 1st check. No Diddley helped Colt accomplish that.


Was a 1998 gelding owned by Cooper Cogdell. Snake won 98K and 431 youth points. Originally trained by Boyd Rice for Cooper’s grandfather Billy, Snake had a successful aged event career including winning the NCHA Gelding Stakes. After Billy passed away Cooper purchased the gelding. He went on to be a 3x Scholarship Cutting Finalist, a World Finals Show Champion, and a Reserve World Champion with Cooper and his sister Lucchese.


Is a 2000 gelding owned by Gavin Mesalam. Sue won 106K and 300 youth points. He is a 5x Eastern Nationals Champion, 4x World Finalist, 3x Scholarship Finalist and a World Champion too. His consistency gave him the reputation as one of the best youth horses going down the road from 2010-2016.