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The National Youth Cutting Horse is dedicated to the development and growth of youth members both in and out of the arena.

Director of Youth

Rianna Storey, Director of Youth
260 Bailey Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Office: (817) 244-6188 x105

Youth Committee

Amy Lippincott – Chair (’25) R7*
Kristen York, – Vice-Chair (’23) R1**
Sherry Cowan(’24) R2
Barb Himsel (’24) R4
Sabrina Mesalam(’24) R4
Nikki Sokol Roberson(’25) R8
Leigh Ann White(’24) R6
Casey Crouch(’23) R7
Shannon Collier(’23) R5
Cindy Smith(’23) R6
Michelle Cowan(’25) R8
Chad Newton (’25) R5
Deb Watts (’24) R3